Dear Love ..

Dear Love , all this while , you teach me how to believe in myself , how to take care of someones feeling , how to give my attention to someone and have butterflies in my belly . But Love , after I suffered a lot from you , you also gave me strength to live , move on and find someone better . And from that , you make me love someone who I am not sure about his feelings . Either he is playing or he really loves me .

But , no Love . He called me 'stupid' . Well Love , you do really understand someone who wants attention from their 'almost' love . After you made me broke up with him , Love , you teach me how to have the butterflies inside my belly for someone that you can barely see with your own eyes . After a misunderstood , you take him away from me and get my nerves back to me to choose that I saw since the first time .

Love , you give me the feelings that I have never had for someone . Just like magic , I tried to look good in front of him , how I tried to control my feelings when I saw him because I do understand the way he was , how I want to tell the whole world that I fall in love with someone that I really don't know the reason why . And once again Love , it breaks me apart .

Love , I just want to say that , please come back after I finish my studies . Come to me when I am ready to be loved . And congrats Love , 23/01/2013 ,  I start to cry for someone again since the last time I cried last year .. Love , please take care of my someone . I don't want to be that somebody who only love herself . And Love , I QUIT . I QUIT FROM LOVING SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME BACK .

The one who quit , Sarah Jenysah .

La Tahzan ♥

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