A Document released by YG Entertainment

We would like to sincerely offer our deepest apologies to all the fans and to everyone who appreciates Big Bang’s music.G-Dragon underwent an investigation for smoking marijuana last July. Because G-Dragon had never smoked marijuana, we cooperated with the investigation confidently and proceeded as usual with scheduled events. However, according to the hair strand test, G-Dragon tested positive for minuscule amounts of marijuana, which shocked us.While we were contemplating what the reason could be, we thought of the event that occurred in May during their Japan tour. There was a drinking event to celebrate a successful concert with various Japanese associates who visited us at the concert location. When G-Dragon went to use the restroom, a young person who seemed to be a Japanese fan recognized G-Dragon and offered him a cigarette as he greeted him. Out of courtesy, G-Dragon took two or three puffs, but upon feeling that it was different from normal cigarettes, he flushed it down the toilet right away.We thought it to be a trivial event, and soon we were unable to remember that it ever happened. However, when we began to ponder over the reason for this positive test, that night’s event returned as the likely cause.  We contacted the prosecution right away and related the event exactly as it happened.Although there was no legal penalty issued, the guilty conscience and responsibility for causing everyone pain is a weight that G-Dragon and the company must now carry upon our shoulders, and it is heavier than any penalty.As celebrities who have received a lot of interest from the public, and as a company who is supposed to thoroughly manage them, we sincerely regret the emergence of this situation, and have been self-reflecting on our carelessness. We deeply bow our heads as we apologize for causing you to worry once again, and we will try our best to make sure this type of event does not occur again.

I think , I should believe in this . After all , people make mistakes , right sis Liza ? Mybe I'm the one who was really in shock and seriously dissapointed in GD because Im a really huge fan of him ! By the way , GD doesn't take the drug everytime . He just tried it at a club in Japan and the Marijuana was given to him by a young fan in Japan . After he take two puffs of the marijuana , he realised that it doesn't taste like normal ciggarates , then he throw it to the toilet and flushed it .

After all , how do they know GD takes that stuff ? Who tell about it to the world ? Stupid annoying fan -___- Be strong , GD ! I will always support you ! And Big Bang , be strong ! Fighting , Big Bang ! Love you , GD ! ;)

La Tahzan ♥

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