I Don't Really Care !

I don't really care and just shut the mouth , biatch !

Okay , seriously , I really hate when I try to release my tension but end up with another stupid small situation and even a 15 years old can handle it and does not really care about it . Oh come on , you can say bad things about me and when I end up angry and get it all back to you , you feel pissed ! 

Yeah , just like I do . Get pissed , all the time this lately . Why ? Because F crisis that you have never expected before . Do you have any F crisis problems ? DO YOU BIATCH ?! Do you ? So , if you really don't have any idea how I acted this lately , so just SHUT UP . Don't judge me , but the all things , you also did it the same way . Okay ? SAME FU**ING WAY !

You don't know how it feels like when someone you love being betrayed . Do you have that kind of situation ? Do you ? Tell me biatch , do you ?! You don't know how to handle it when you're becoming the one and only supporting actress in that situation . That you have to keep it to yourself and no one can even know about it and how you burst your tears every night ? What ? You call this an excuse to make me not to get angry by you ? I DON'T REALLY CARE !

La Tahzan ♥

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